Image of timecards for 2020

timecards for 2020


Small Square book, 7×7 in, 18×18 cm
# of Pages: 56
ISBN Softcover: 9781715463939 Publish Date: Sep 08, 2020
There is nothing quite like a timecard card. They are individually made, unique and signed greeting card works of mixed media art made on actual folded timecards. Measuring 4.5" X 4" and blank inside, they are composed of antique, vintage and new picture books , printed paper and magazine illustrations, with embellishments and small 3D objects sewn on with linen bookbinders thread or glued with neutral pH adhesive.

This collection was created during the "extraordinary" and "unprecedented" time in 2020 when a pandemic and social justice movement intersected. It is a contemporaneous record in the form of greeting cards.

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