You can only order one card design because they are not reproduced. Each is an individual, signed work of art and that makes them different from many other cards.

There is nothing quite like a timecard card, in fact they are individually made, unique and signed works of mixed art on an actual folded timecard. About 4"x4.5" and blank inside, made from antique, vintage and new books and magazine illustrations, with embellishments and small 3D objects sewn on with linen bookbinders thread or glued with neutral pH adhesive. Materials are sourced in  used book stores in Baltimore and Connecticut, Sideshow at the American Visionary Art Museum, online, my own collection and materials gifted to me.

The cards celebrate traditional events, untraditional events and non-events with a wry, ironic, "green," justice bent.

Timecards are available directly from me or at Ecoworks, North Haven, Vintantromodern, Strange Ways, Dwell in New Haven and the American Visionary Museum in Baltimore.

Commissions accepted.

timecards established 2009.